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Modern Home Optimization:

Providing Individualized Advice To Improve Your Home's Efficiency

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What We Do

Modern Home Optimization identifies inefficient energy use within your home or business.  Inefficient use of energy can make your space uncomfortable and may cause you to overspend for energy.


We assist in finding ways to correct your individual efficiency and conservation issues in a way that fits your budget and lifestyle.


Our founder and senior energy consultant is Drew Lynch.  Drew is an electrical engineer, an Energy Star Partner, and a home energy rater who has been conducting home energy audits since 2016.  Drew is a graduate of Wichita State University and is committed to helping his Wichita neighbors save money and make their homes more comfortable.  

We are currently seeking the right people to expand our team.


We identify the most effective use of your budget to reduce your energy consumption.  There are many ways to reduce your utility bills and your carbon footprint, but which improvements will have the best results for the money you spend?

We assist in finding efficient appliances, craftsmen and skilled laborers to complete your home energy improvements.

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