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Home Inspections for:


Existing Homes-

Want to know where you can save money?  A thorough look at your home can reveal where your investment in efficiency gets quick returns on your money.

New Homes-

Before you build is the time to think about comfort and performance.  Pre-construction analysis identifies weak points in the plan, quality control inspections ensure proper installation, and a post-construction review verifies you will be saving money for years to come.

Looking for a home?-

Over half of people who request quotes have recently purchased a new home and received a shock after opening their first electric bill.  Know what you are in for, ask to have the audit performed before you buy.

Other Services Include:

-W.I.L.D. 4 investigation

-Register flow and temperature Analysis

-Combustion Appliance Zone Safety Inspections

-Home Infiltration Testing

-Duct Leakage Testing

-Improvement Cost/Benefit Analysis

Zero Waste Store

Small Business Energy Assessments:

Is your business paying too much for utilities?  Do you worry about your customers comfort?  Let us help you find the best ways to reduce your utility bills, make your guests feel comfortable and increase your bottom line.


We work with you to find solutions within your budget.  We do the leg work to find the best contractors and appliances to meet your energy goals.

Combustion Appliance Zone Safety Inspections:

An investigation into your gas fixtures and appliances can identify possible leaks of propane or natural gas as well as potential carbon monoxide risks.

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