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Beginning in 2016 Modern Home Optimization has been helping our friends lower energy bills by identifying opportunities to reduce waste.  We are glad to include their stories of finding energy savings.

Greg and Erin T. - Wichita, KS


The information we received from Drew Lynch about our home's energy efficiency was information that we would not have been able to find out without this study. Before Drew conducted his energy study, we were planning to spend thousands of dollars on repairs and upgrades to our home, with the sole purpose of saving money through energy efficiency.  His report showed us that while our upgrades would have delivered some energy savings, it was not the most effective for our specific house.

The report that Drew gave us took the guess work away from deciding what the smartest repairs for our home would be. We now have an itemized list that explains what will benefit us and approximately how much our savings will be each year. The information we received was easy to understand, and he was very helpful in answering questions that we had. I would recommend Modern Home Optimization and this service to anyone looking to understand the best way to save energy for their exact home.

Erin Thomas-Baldwin


Sareta D. - Wichita, KS


Friendly, professional. Recommended resources for needed modifications.

John W. - Wichita, KS


Drew was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the testing process and reviewed the results in detail. I highly recommend him for other homeowners.

Herb L. - El Dorado, KS


Before buying new windows, you need to understand the impact. In my case they would never pay for themselves through energy savings. Quickest payback for me is caulking! Great advice and easy to work with.

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